Intensive Summer Seminar

The last Intensive Winter Seminar took place from February 13 – 18, 2023. The next Intensive Summer Seminar is scheduled to take place from July 3 to 14, 2023. However, the information on this page refers to the Intensive Summer Seminar 2022 and will be updated in due time.

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Austrian Association to Promote Russian Language and Culture
Founding members: Mag. Tatiana Stadler and Mag. Harald Loos
Address: Erne-Seder-Gasse 6/3/32, 1030 Vienna


The Pallottihaus could become your spiritual retreat in Vienna. If you arrive earlier or want to stay longe, we can gladly inquire about available rooms. As a matter of course, your partner, friend or travel companion can stay at the Pallottihaus at the same conditions even when not participating in the seminar. Smoking is prohibited in the entire building. And it is not allowed to bring pets on the premises.

Auhofstraße 10
1130 Vienna
6 minutes walk from U4 stop Braunschweiggasse: turn right into Braunschweiggasse, corner Auhofstraße to the left number 10

Target Group

Beginners, also without previous knowledge, and (more) advanced students of all levels who are interested in intercultural and intensive Russian classes.


Our classes focus on oral language skills and always include background knowledge about Russia and its culture. We work in small learning groups.

Our teachers are (mostly) native speakers with qualifications for teaching Russian as a foreign languare who also teach at Russian or Austrian universities or colleges of higher education. All successful participants will receive a detailed confirmation of participation in German and Russian, upon request also in English.

Probable Itinerary at Pallottihaus

09.00–11.00 Basic group (likely 4 levels, min. 4 – max. 10 people/group)
11.30–13.00Speaking practice“ – various key aspects such as grammar/colloquial language (in basic groups)
13.00–14.00Lunch Break
14.00–14.50Specialization I (across groups according to level and interests, special topics of grammar and civilization & culture of and in post-Soviet areas)
15.00–15.50Specialization II (across groups according to level and interests, special topics of grammar and civilization & culture of and in post-Soviet areas)
ab 16.00Social program (Singing, Russian folk dances, lectures, movies) – voluntary participation

Please find here an example itinerary from 2019 (in German).

Basic Groups (in the morning)

Classes are held in groups in which participants have been placed according to their language proficiency.

Specializations (спецкурсы)

Specializations such as writing and reading exercises for beginners, basic grammar, specific aspects of Russian grammar (verbs of motion, prepositions, aspects, etc.),Russian literature, business Russian, translation exercises, economic and social affairs, Russian movies, Russian folklore, modern Russian rock-and pop music, etc. are available across all groups. Participants can choose two groups according to their preference (спецкурсы).

Social Progam

Russian folk dances, movies, songs, lectures, (new) visit to a theater performance in Russian etc.

About enrolling in the Seminar

  • The seminar fee for two weeks is € 000.00 and includes lessons, teaching material (except textbooks) and the social program.
  • The reduced seminar fee for eligible students (born after 01.07.1996) is € 000.00. A valid student ID is required!
  • Participation for only one week is possible. Please mark your wish on the enrollment form. The seminar fee for week one (6 days) is € 000.00, for week two (5 days) € 000,00. We kindly ask for your understanding that we cannot offer a student discount for one-week-participations.
  • Accommodation at Pallottihaus (13 nights with breakfast) in a single room with shower and WC amounts to € 000.00. Earlier check-out on Friday, July 22, 2022 (by 10 a. m.) is available. You can save a maximum of € 00.00 (single room rate). However, be aware that Friday, July 22, 2022 is a regular seminar day, followed by our closing event.
  • An optional lunchpackage at the venue (11 days with the exception of July 17, 2022) is available in two variations:
    • 3-course-lunch package at € 00.00/day and person includes soup, salad buffet, main dish (at least one vegetarian option), side dishes and dessert, drinks not included. (€ 000.00 for 11 days)
    • 2-course-lunch package at € 00.00/day and person includes salad buffet, main dish (at least one vegetarian option), side dishes + soup or dessert, drinks not included. (€ 000.00 for 11 days)
    • When enrolling, please use the message box to inform us whether you want to include lunch. It is also possible to book lunch at the beginning of the seminar and/or from day-to-day for € 00.00/day and person.
  • A no-charge cancellation is possible until 20.06.2022, thereafter a 25 % cancellation fee is charged. There is no reimbursement in case of a no-show or cancellation after 01.07.2022. There is also no reimbursement for missed classes, meals, etc. This policy reflects the Pallottihaus’ cancellation policy.

Administration and further Information

Mag. Tatiana Stadler
Phone: +43-699-1952713


You can enroll online, by e-mail or by mail.

Austrian Association to Promote Russian Language and Culture
c/o Ms. Tatiana Stadler
Erne-Seder-Gasse 6/3/32
1030 Vienna

There is no enrollment deadline. However, you have to take into consideration that we might be fully booked if you decide to enroll at the end of June … For enrollments on behalf of a company/public authority, please state the correct billing address.

Language Proficiency Questionnaire

We also want to ask you to fill out our language proficiency questionnaire, so we can place you in the best group for you. Please include as much information as possible when filling out the questionnaire. It is in your best interest to be placed in the right group!

If you have problems downloading or opening documents from and within our website, we shall gladly send you an information folder. In this case you will receive the questionnaire together with the invoice.

Follow this link to enroll in our Intensive Summer Seminar.